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Clermont Woodworking and Design is a one man shop specializing in building "one of a kind" custom furniture, restoring "well loved" heirlooms, and teaching woodworking skills to all levels of woodworkers. The company was founded in 2000 by Keith Neer, a master woodworker of 35 years, in preparation for early retirement from a fortune 500 company. From day one, the objectives of Clermont Woodworking were to build special furniture for a wide variety of clients and share woodworking techniques with those interested in enhancing their approach to the craft of woodworking.


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Clermont Woodworking and Design, Inc.
Serving the Cincinnati Ohio area.

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The most unique aspect of classes at Clermont Woodworking is that they can be customized for the individual. These sessions are taught one on one and range from the building of a specific project to the development of a project that will serve to enhance the skills of the student. All such sessions start with a no obligation visit to the shop to discuss individual needs and wishes. Group classes are also offered for groups from 4 - 8 and range from mastering inlay, incorporating bent laminates in your work, building a small table, building a router table for less than $100 and many more. In the last five years, over 50 different students have been enrolled. Call the shop for additional information.

Custom Projects

Complete customization is the name of the game at Clermont Woodworking. Rarely is the same piece built a second time, and individual teaching encounters are always unique. This is the place to contact after you have decided that you cannot purchase exactly what you want or when you cannot get the desired instruction at a local woodworking store. In the last five years over 30 unique heirlooms have been built for a wide range of customers.


Proportion and design are paramount if a positive, lasting impression is to be made when someone first encounters a new piece of furniture. And yet, few individuals approach the purchase of furniture with this in mind. Accordingly, the first job for me when engaging a new client is to explore what they "need" and what they "want" from a piece of furniture. These attributes are then blended into a furniture plan which will be both functional and architecturally pleasing when completed and installed in its new home.

In The Press
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Keith Neer the owner and operator of Clermont Woodworking and Design, Inc. was recently featured in the Woodworkers Journal. The article titled 'Keith Neer: "Retiring" Into Woodworking' can be viewed at the following link.

Keith Neer: "Retiring" Into Woodworking

01.09.2013 - Cincinnati.com - Batavia Twp. resident wins national honor

Batavia resident Keith Neer was recently honored with the Michael Fortune Fellowship award, which is for outstanding woodworking.

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03.19.2012 - Woodshop News - Open your mind to a new realm of design

I spent most of my professional career as a scientist where linear thinking ("A" leads to "B" leads to "C," etc.) was a way of life and strongly encouraged. Looking back, I'm sure this thought process is what drew me to woodworking; buy the wood, plane the wood, join the wood, finish the wood, etc.

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12.13.2011 - Issue 290 - Keith Neer: "Retiring" Into Woodworking

About 10 years ago, Keith Neer's wife told him, "You've been talking about doing something other than in your basement. Why don't you do it?".

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